Joel Embiid is wearing sports goggle now because of course he is


76ers “rookie” center Joel Embiid is about to miss his 11th game since January 21 tonight which is pretty s—– because Joel Embiid is awesome and puts up stats on a per-minute basis at greater rates than almost anybody in the league.

This has apparently given Embiid time to experiment with a new look which is actually more of an old look.

@joelembiid is already a legend

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That’s Joel Embiid-Jabbar for those scoring at home. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why Embiid is wearing sports goggles. As far as we know, Embiid can see just fine without them. This is happening though:

Love Joel Embiid. The guy just does whatever he wants with no f—- given.┬áThe type of guy who at one time drank like a gallon of Shirley Temples every night and told some chick on Instagram Live to show him her feet.

The guy who tells Chandler Parsons to “smash” and calls himself, “The Process.” The guy who wears his own jersey OFF THE COURT!

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He’s pretty young, but Joel Embiid is making an extremely strong case to be inducted into the “Life Hall of Fame” as an early entrant.┬áJust wait for him to start wearing his jersey inside out like Will Smith did with his jacket at Bel-Air Prep. This dude needs to get healthy and stay healthy so we can all enjoy him for years and years to come. Trust the Process!


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