The NBA released 40 UNSEEN Vince Carter dunks from his prime and it’s legit


40 UNSEEN Vince Carter dunks from his prime. Just about the best #ThrowbackThursday anybody could ask for.

Most of these dunks were from charity games with a couple UNC Alumni game dunks sprinkled in so that’s why they’ve never been seen before until now. It’s also Vince Carter’s 40th birthday today — January 26 — hence the 40 UNSEEN dunks theme. Oh and guess what? Vinsanity still has it:

Vince Carter is basically all that’s left of the ’90s in the NBA. Paul Pierce is hanging on for one more season with the Clippers and so is Jason Terry with the Bucks. Dirk Nowitzki also played his first season in 1999 so Vinsanity isn’t officially the last remaining ’90s guy, but he might as well be. His retirement will signal the end of a generation. Can’t he just play forever?

Happy birthday, Vinsanity.


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