Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade went off after the Bulls’ most recent debacle


The Bulls were up 10 points on the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday with about three minutes left to go and looked to be in good shape to capture their third straight win. That would be pretty good for the most average team ever and would have even put them one game above average on the season.

Unfortunately, the Bulls managed to blow that lead, allowing the Hawks to go on a 19-4 run in the final 2:46. In total, the Hawks dropped 41 points in the fourth on the Bulls consistently anemic defense which was highlighted by back-to-back-to-back triples by Paul Millsap, Dennis Schroder, and Tim Hardaway Jr. to bring the Hawks within one point. Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler have been doing pretty much everything offensively for this team all season which continued Wednesday night as the two combined for 73 points. Yet it was Paul Zipser, who I’ve been told is an actual real-life basketball player, and Nikola Mirotic, who I wish wasn’t an actual real-life basketball player, taking three-pointers with the game on the line.

After the game, Wade and Butler appeared fed up with all the bulls— (no pun intended):

Wow, you know you really f—– up when you’re getting called out for not caring in a game in which Dwight Howard was on the other team. Like, I honestly thought you needed to be shooting backwards or something in order to outshine Dwight Howard’s elite level of irreverence. I mean, I only saw Niko shoot backwards on two or three of his misses and they weren’t any more inaccurate than his facing the basket shots so this may be an overreaction of sorts on the parts of Wade and Butler.

I think the Bulls main problem is that they just aren’t a very good basketball team and Fred Hoiberg isn’t a very good coach. GarPax put together an abortion of a basketball team and just kinda, sorta hoped that everything would click. I suppose you could say the Bulls’ ship is sinking, but it’s only sinking because the ship was built with rotted plywood. I’m going to look past Mirotic because he was already on the team and I can’t even begin to get into whatever the hell he does on the basketball court with his poor man James Harden Eurostepping, “where the hell is the foul, I think I’ll just take this three pointer from two feet inside the half court line with 15 seconds left on the shot clock” ways.

What really needs to be looked at is what the Bulls did this off-season and that’s what has set up this whole mess. Rondo is on a mission to burn bridges with every team in the NBA, Robin Lopez has a PER on par with Roy Hibbert and Salah Mejri, and Michael Carter-Williams was literally handed over to the Bulls for Tony Snell. Did that not raise any red flags like, “these f—— are giving us this guy straight up for Tony Snell?!?!”

Goddamnit Bulls, let’s just revel in the good ‘ol days. #BringBackBuechler


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