Here are some “Presidents Playing Sports” in honor of Inauguration Day


President-elect Donald Trump is now officially President Donald Trump and I’m not going to get into anything about that, but what I am going to do is chronicle the extensive athletic history of “Presidents Playing Sports.” Enjoy.

Donald Trump basketball

Other than golf and professional wrestling, President Donald Trump’s athletic endeavors are rather limited but there was that one time he came off the bench for the Nets and went off for 20 and 10.

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President Jimmy Carter is widely regarded as one of the best half-Buffaloes to ever pitch in the history of slow-pitch softball.

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27th President William Howard Taft made one start for the 1912 Washington Senators after ace Walter Johnson was scratched due to biceps tendinitis. He long held the distinction of heaviest pitcher in MLB history until Bartolo Colon’s debut in 1995.

During his term, Barack Obama solidified himself as one of the great sweatpants-wearing basketball players of this generation.

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President Bill Clinton takes aim at an unsuspecting female companion.

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Dwight D. Einsenhower’s presidency was marred by the Korean War and missed extra points.

And finally, the Baller-In-Chief George W. Bush channels his inner John Stockton with some sweet dimes in Belfast, Ireland.


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