A Complete Appreciation of Everything Javale McGee


If I had to rattle off my Top 5 favorite NBA players of all-time, Vlade Divac would be #1, D.J. Mbenga would be #2, and Javale McGee would occupy the next three spots. Now, I respect the new Javale McGee. The new Javale McGee is no laughing matter. He comes off the bench for the Warriors, dunking all over bench scrubs unfortunate enough to be cleaning up during garbage time. He wants to escape his past Shaqtin’ A Fool self and I applaud him for that. He’s playing really well in limited minutes for a contending team.

The old Javale McGee though was one-of-a-kind. The old Kanye of the NBA if you will. What Leonardo Da Vinci was to the Italian Renaissance, Javale McGee was to 21st century basketball. A man so creative in his basketball-playing ways that an entire TNT segment was basically created for him. So here it is. A complete appreciation of the old Javale McGee because it’s what the people want.

7 minutes and 25 seconds worth of Shaqtin’ A Fool highlights. That’s five lifetimes worth of Shaqtin’ A Fool which Javale managed to accomplish in only five years.

If I we’re to pick an all-time Javale McGee highlight, I think it’s the ‘Space Jam’ dunk from the free throw line with his team down 25. Throwing an off-balance pass on the fastbreak over the backboard is also really good, but if I’m picking one play to describe everything old Javale McGee… it’s the ‘Space Jam’ dunk. The best part is that he tried to do it twice and on the second time he nearly decapitated James Jones.

Another Javale moment I love is when he legitimately turned into Kobe trying to get a triple-double in garbage time against the Bulls.

Or how about when he just decided that he wanted to be called “Pierre” for now on.


Their should be a Hall of Fame for players like Javale McGee. Players so entertaining that they deserve their own special recognition. The Hall of Javale if you will. Javale, Gheorghe Muresan, Brian Scalabrine, Boban, those are my first-ballot HOJers.

I know Javale is a changed man now and the days of making Mario Kart noises with Evan Fournier are probably long gone, but the old Javale deserves to be appreciated for the entertainment that he brought to the great game of basketball. Never change Javale.


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