Chip Kelly is actually the smartest man in the NFL


Chip Kelly gets a lot of s— for trying to do things his own way and failing miserably and he should get a lot of s— for that, but Chip Kelly is actually the smartest man in the NFL. Chip Kelly has now been fired by two different NFL teams in basically what amounts to one calendar year (Dec. 29, 2015 by the Eagles and January 1, 2017 by the 49ers) which is quite the achievement. That is really hard to do.

What’s even harder to do is to get fired when both of these teams gave you significant multi-year deals — five years, $32.5 million with the Eagles and four years, $24 million with the 49ers — and the great thing about being a NFL head coach is that these contracts are guaranteed. Yeah that’s right, so when Kelly inevitably signs on to be like the offensive coordinator of the Jaguars or whoever next season, this f—– will be getting paid by THREE NFL teams. Brilliant. This is the greatest business plan ever invented.

Then there’s always the potential for Kelly to be coaching in a game in which he’s getting paid by both teams. In fact, I’d say it’s more likely than not that whatever team he goes to plays either the 49ers or Eagles. Chip Kelly is on a goddamn mission to get paid by every NFL team simultaneously and I wouldn’t put it past Chip. Give it a couple years and we may see the Chip Kelly Termination Fund pop-up in the NFL where every team allocates a sum of money that goes to paying two dozen Chip Kelly contracts every year. Those least likely to do something really dumb and hire Chip Kelly pay the least and those most likely (Jaguars) pay the most. It’s purely discretionary, but it protects teams like the 49ers from having to pay Chip Kelly $18 million to not coach them.


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