The Los Angeles Chargers Are A Bad Idea


January 11th, 2017

The day the Spanos family uttered the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, “Go F*ck yourself San Diego,” and moved the Chargers to Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the fine city of San Diego, this is not a poorly thought out prank by Veronica Corningstone.

The San Diego Chargers are officially the Los Angeles Chargers now as the team decided to move back to the city where they played their inaugural season in 1960 before relocating to San Diego in 1961. So how do you justify moving on after 56 years in a city that provided you with loyal fans and a decrepit stadium? By moving to a city that has never been able to support an NFL franchise and into a stadium that has less than half the seats of the sh*thole stadium you just left.

As an NFL fan, I am certainly aware of the issues the Chargers were having in San Diego. The team sucked, the stadium sucked, and the fans were tired of watching a crappy team in a crappy stadium because the city won’t agree to build a new stadium with tax dollars. But this is your genius plan to improve the state of your team? The Spanos family has to be on some kind of amazing rich people drugs that we plebeians aren’t aware of yet because this sounds insane. They’ll be playing their first two years in LA at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA… which seats just over 27k people. You’ve got high school stadiums in Texas that seat nearly as many.

This is all in anticipation for the new stadium in Inglewood that is being built which will be shared between the Chargers and Rams. That’s fine and all — it works decently for the Jets and Giants — but the problem is that neither of these teams will even be the most popular team in the LA area because it’s the RAIDERS! It’s going to be truly embarrassing for the Chargers when most of this new stadium in Inglewood is painted in silver and black when the Raiders make the trip their every season.

What’s worse than all of this?





Can you guess which one is the new LA Chargers logo? Gone is the baby blue and the “San Diego SUPER CHARGERS!” and here is a combination of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Lightning. Seriously, this is the logo you get when you give your graphic design team a budget of $3.

So let’s all raise our glasses to the Spanos family and hope that their $1.2 billion net worth can survive the NFL’s $650 million relocation fee and the $3 it cost to make a new logo. Good luck and godspeed… kinda.


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