DO NOT pour water on Dario Saric’s head


Dario Saric, the unofficial Adrian Beltre of the NBA. Don’t f*** with this dude’s head. The 76ers rookie forward was conducting a postgame interview after a win over the Brooklyn Nets when T.J. McConnell decided to go for the “pour a little water on the guy doing the postgame interview’s head” move.

That’s a “f*** you, man” on live TV and serious one at that. Eastern Europe doesn’t put up with that bulls***. The good news though is that everything seems to be cool with the Saric-McConnell relationship, arguably the most important NBA relationship since Kobe-Shaq:

That’s a legit apology. Well done, Dario. The Sixers will be OK. And they’re on a one-game winning streak. Happy days in Philly. Also love the “French Touch” Timothe Luwawu-Caborrot third wheeling it in the bottom right over there. “TLC” will one day be known as the man of many nicknames. Mark my words. (Don’t mark them, please).


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