Um, Manny Ramirez is apparently making a comeback


Manny being f***** Manny.

Former Red Sox (and White Sox!) great Manny Ramirez has decided to put the cleats back on at 44 years old and will be doing so in Japan. Ramirez has agreed to terms with the Kochi Fighting Dogs — which is just an absolutely terrible name by the way — of the independent Shikoku Island League. Manny last played in the bigs for the Rays in 2011 and was most recently a player-coach for the Triple A Iowa Cubs in 2014. The Fighting Dogs announced the exciting news on their team website with the headline “We have reached an agreement with Mr. Manny Ramirez” and included this picture too:



















Undoubtedly the biggest signing in Kochi Fighting Dog history. I want every goddamn game broadcasted as bonus coverage on MLB Network just so we can see if he cuts a ball off in the outfield. At least make it a subscription option on MLB.TV. Manny is back baby!

I still remember when the White Sox claimed him off waivers like seven years ago to help push them towards the postseason and I was so excited because I was going to get to watch one of the greatest hitters of this generation play for my White Sox. Who cares that he was completely washed up and drove in like two runs and didn’t help them get to the playoffs at all. It’s Manny Ramirez! The Sox would dig up the corpse of Babe Ruth and throw him in right field if they could. That’s how desperate they were for big name players a half decade past their primes.

Now, Manny was pretty washed up seven years ago. I can’t imagine his level of cleanliness today but the Kochi Dogs are about to find out. God, I hope he rakes. Just tears this Shikoku Japan junior league up like ’96 Man-Ram. One can only hope that an equally as washed up Joba Chamberlain signs with one of the other three teams in the league so Manny can incite a bench-clearing brawl when Joba throws him a high fastball not anywhere near his head.


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