Florida Panthers fire head coach Gerard Gallant, leave him on the side of the road


The Florida Panthers are a professional hockey team in the NHL which is just about all I can tell you about them, but now I can officially tell you a little more. The Panthers announced on Monday that they fired head coach Gerard Gallant. The news broke as the Panthers were on the team bus and headed to play in Chicago on Tuesday so the only proper thing to do was to leave Gallant on the side of the road and make him take a cab home.

F****** savage. Literally kicked this poor guy to the curb. Didn’t even have the decency to call him an Uber.

Now, I have no idea whether this guy deserved to be fired or not. Good coach? Bad coach? No idea, but doesn’t matter. How in the hell does a team — in the age of everything goes on social media — think it would be a good idea to kick your just fired coach off the team bus and make him take a cab home? That’s probably the most degrading way imaginable for a head coach to be fired. Like seriously, figure out some other way to fire your coach. Any other way. Throw him into a pit of burning lava. Any other way would have sufficed, but you leave him on the side of the road in RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — a city that I had absolutely no idea had a professional sports team — with his bags and tell him to take a cab home.

I’m going to say something now that I never, ever thought I would say. The Panthers don’t deserve you, Florida. You read that sentence correctly. The state of Florida is too good for the filth that is the Panthers of the National Hockey League. I would say that Florida Panthers fans should stop attending games, but I’m going to assume that has already happened.

Good luck, coach Gallant. I hope you had cash on you so you didn’t have to pay the technology fee cabs charge.


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