Here’s a behind the back home run for your viewing pleasure


Rarely do you come across an internet video that you can honestly say, “You know, I’ve never seen that before.” Behind the back home run? Never seen it before. Schmo of the Week candidate right here. If they haven’t already, the Chevaliers should just retire this guy’s #6 and send it to Cooperstown. His entire adult men’s slow pitch softball league needs to start calling him ‘White Chocolate.”┬áNext thing you know he’s going to be hitting home runs with his elbows.

(P.S. Pitcher’s wearing a batting helmet. You give up dongs to guys swinging backwards when you choose to wear batting helmets on the mound. Some people are going to say he laid it in there Hideo Nomo-Cal Ripken Jr. All-Star Game style since the guy went up there batting backwards, but my scouting reports indicate that he had his normal velocity on that pitch).


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