Schmotable 10/18 – The Plight of Geno Smith


The Schmozone’s Weekly “Schmotable,” just a bunch of weirdos talking about sports. Takes so hot Brent Musberger might even take notice.

Shake N’ Bake, Divac, and the Reinman dive into how the Dodgers are blowing a chance to blow up the Cubs postseason party, Geno Smith playing quarterback, Big Ben’s injury effect, and of course fantasy football.


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Divac is the Editor-In Chief of The Schmozone and founder of He is a fantasy sports maniac with terrible gambling habits and has a strange, irrational obsession with everything that is NBA legend Vlade Divac. Divac will be posting his outrageous commentary on daily sports topics in "The Daily Flop" section and one day dreams of being re-born as a mediocre Eastern European NBA journeyman.