Kevin White is back on IR


Wide receiver Kevin White’s high ankle sprain expected to cost him “multiple weeks” has magically turned into a fractured fibula which means the Bears’ 7th overall pick in 2015 will be placed on I.R. and miss another season.

As a tortured Bears fan, all I can say is f*** this s***. White of course missed the entire 2015 season with a stress fracture in his shin and will enter 2017 having played in four career games for the Bears, amassing 19 catches for 187 yards. This has been his only highlight:

That’s a pretty cool catch, but unfortunately this just feels like another chapter in the “Bears drafting wide receivers” woes. Since 2000, here is the list of wide receivers the Bears have drafted in the third round or earlier:

  • 2000: Dez White (69th overall)
  • 2001: David Terrell (8th overall)
  • 2004: Bernard Berrian (78th overall)
  • 2005: Mark Bradley (39th overall)
  • 2006: Devin Hester (57th overall)
  • 2008 Earl Bennett (70th overall)
  • 2009: Juaquin Iglesias (99th overall)
  • 2012: Alshon Jeffery (45th overall)
  • 2015: Kevin White (7th overall)

So we’ve got Devin Hester who was all-time great for the things he did not related to being a wide receiver (23.8 yards per game career average as a wide receiver) and Alshon Jeffery who is pretty great but can strain his hamstring tying his shoe. The rest of this list is downright depressing which is the only way to describe a list with Bernard Berrian currently being the third best option.

To be completely honest, I probably could’ve just written “DAVID TERRELL!!!” nine times and gotten the point across. Maybe next time. The moral of the story though is that the Bears should probably stop drafting wide receivers, or maybe just stop drafting altogether. Ugh, I don’t know. F*** this. That’s what I’m trying to say. Can’t wait to see what bone Kevin White breaks in 2017. Eddie Royal for the win in 2016. Let’s get two in a row.


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