Ty Montgomery exposed a massive loophole in the NFL rulebook


Wide receiver Ty Montgomery made one of the smartest football plays ever on a kick-off during the Packers Week 3 game against the Lions and in turn exposed a massive loophole in the NFL rulebook. It’s essentially the anti-Dan Orlovsky of football plays in that it’s almost as smart as running out of the back of the end zone is dumb.

And the explanation of it by everyone’s favorite NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira:

Ty Montgomery went to Stanford so dude’s smart. I mean, this is well beyond the realm of most NFL kick returners who are pretty much just expected to run fast and hang on to the ball. Not that Aaron Rodgers really needed it in their 34-27 win over the Lions, but this play by Montgomery brought the ball out to the 40-yard line rather than deep in Packers’ territory.

Ty Montgomery = not Dan Orlovsky.


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