Divac’s Thursday Night Football Flop


Divac’s Thursday Night Football Flop, some quick thoughts on what is generally the shi**est game on primetime television unless the Rams and 49ers are playing on Monday Night for some reason.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

You know, this one actually had the potential to not be a shi**y Thursday Night Football game, even with Tom Brady suspended. Jimmy Grappling Hook vs. Brock Osweiler in a showdown of division leaders would have sufficed as something more than complete trash. What’s a Thursday Night Football game though without some random-ass, third string quarterback making his first career start against the likes of J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus? I don’t know much about this Jacoby Brisket nor will I ever doubt a Bill Belichick-coached football team, but somethings got to give. Five years from now when the Grappling Hook is entrenched as the Patriots star quarterback in life after Brady, I have a feeling Patriots fans will be saying, “Remember that time the Patriots had to start that Brisket guy on Thursday Night Football?”

What am I most excited for this game? It’s no doubt Julian Edelman being the back-up quarterback. How spectacular would that be? Just the thought of playing in a one quarterback fantasy league and potentially accruing passing statistics from two players is enough for me to start Julian Edelman with Jacoby Brisket throwing him the football. Maximum gunslinging. Imagine Edelman getting that dual QB, WR eligibility on Yahoo. It would make zero sense to ever start a WR at the QB position, but maybe if my QB had a bye and I didn’t feel like starting Joe Flacco for one week and I had some other options at WR … I’m not ruling it out. Even better, what if you had Gronk and Edelman? Having your WR throw a touchdown to your TE?

!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! I can’t even. That’s what fantasy football dreams are made of. This is going to be the greatest Thursday Night game ever. Why are my pants off right now?


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