This NBA jersey collection is one for the ages


Well, this is my dream. Reddit user magarnickle posted his NBA jersey collection and it’s one for the ages.

Quick takeaways: lots of Eastern European representation and lots of Chris Webber. So much Chris Webber. Even a Chris Webber Magic.

As for my personal favorite (besides the Divacs of course), the Scalabrines are great and the Pero Antic Hawks jersey in the bottom right corner is just so damn random. The “Grandmama” Larry Johnson one is also fantastic. Toni Kukoc. Dino Radja. Dan Majerle, really nice touch with the Suns there. How about that late ’90s Cavs Kyrie Irving jersey? And the Raptors Damon Stoudamire. Damn it, I want all of these.

It’s hard to pinpoint a price on this collection because I’m not like Bob Barker, but I’d probably pay upwards of $1 million for it. Like people ask “what would you do if you won the lottery?” Well, I’d buy a NBA jersey collection with like 25 Chris Webber jerseys in it and then wear NBA jerseys every single day for the rest of my life. I s*** you not, I’m writing this in my Juwan Howard Bullets jersey so like I’m completely serious.

(P.S. It should be noted that if this collection had a Jud Buechler Bulls black pinstriped, I’d pay upwards of $3 million).


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