“Downtown” Josh McCown is back baby!


There are three things in life that are guaranteed: Death, taxes, and “Downtown” Josh McCown throwing footballs around during an NFL season.

That carnival goldfish of a quarterback the Browns signed over the off-season, Robert Griffin III, lasted a whole one game before croaking which should surprise nobody so look who’s back in the f****** saddle.

Time to bring out the ‘ol  McCown jersey again! (seriously, I have one). Let’s be real. This is a blessing in disguise for the Browns. RG3 is horrible and the Browns fantasy players are now possibly saved from not being completely irrelevant. Will the Browns be good now? Of course not. Josh McCown doesn’t play for good teams. He puts up garbage-time stats on bad teams and provides relevancy to guys like Gary Barnidge. Sure, McCown has gone 5-19 over the last three seasons, but there has not been a better 5-19 QB in NFL history than “Downtown” Josh McCown. 36 touchdowns and 19 interceptions over the last three seasons? That’s pretty damn good for a guy that’s only won five games. You know something else? The Bears have sucked since getting rid of “Downtown.” That’s a fact. Since his last start for the Bears in Week 14 of the 2014 season, the 7-6 Bears at that time have gone 12-23.

God bless Josh McCown and the entire McCown quarterback family.This man will still be starting football games for shi**** football teams in 2120. Bold prediction? “Downtown” outlives the existence of football as we know it.  He’s 37 years old and will play until he’s at least 137 and so will his brother “Downtown” Luke McCown. Long live the McCown family.

Now here’s Josh McCown telling a really weird story that compares watching porn to going to Detroit.



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