A.J. Green literally annexed Revis Island on Sunday


10 catches on 10 targets for 152 yards and a touchdown. That was A.J. Green’s stat line against Darrelle Revis on Sunday and it’s fair to say that Green literally annexed Revis Island like it was Western New Guinea. Jets fans will probably be blaming Nick Folk’s missed PAT as the reason for falling 23-22 to the Bengals, but things like that tend to happen to teams that decide to commit $70 million over five years to players in their 30s (including $39 million guaranteed) as the Jets did with Revis.

That’s not to say Revis has completely lost it as A.J. Green is going to destroy plenty of cornerbacks this season as the only viable target in the Bengals passing attack right now and one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL. The days of Revis Island being NFL Alcatraz though seem to be over as this type of thing didn’t happen at Revis Island a couple years back. I mean, you can watch the highlights yourself. Revis was completely dominated.

Sure, every once in awhile a tourist would show up and have a nice vacation at Revis Island, but with this type of efficiency? Never. And this is taking nothing away from A.J. Green. This dude is too legit and he’s going to lead the NFL in touchdown catches this season.┬áIt should be noted though that you are no longer going out of your way to bench players in fantasy facing the Jets top cornerback. The annexation of Revis Island has officially happened.


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