Czar’s Fantasy Football League Recaps: Team lawl


Every year I host the legendary Czar’s fantasy football league (12-team, half PPR) as one of my many alter-egos, Czarko Milicic. Traditionally, each and every peasant has a trash team and I make sure to let them know about it. This year was especially trashy.

Team lawl (Veteran Peasant): Pick #2

Let’s take a look at the damage:

1. (2) David Johnson (Ari – RB)
2. (23) Devonta Freeman (Atl – RB)
3. (26) Jordy Nelson (GB – WR)
4. (47) Greg Olsen (Car – TE)
5. (50) Golden Tate (Det – WR)
6. (71) Danny Woodhead (SD – RB)
7. (74) Eli Manning (NYG – QB)
8. (95) Emmanuel Sanders (Den – WR)
9. (98) Rashad Jennings (NYG – RB)
10. (119) Stefon Diggs (Min – WR)
11. (122) Corey Coleman (Cle – WR)
12. (143) Matt Ryan (Atl – QB)
13. (146) Chris Johnson (Ari – RB)
14. (167) Minnesota (Min – DEF)
15. (170) Mason Crosby (GB – K)


I really wish I could use real names here because “lawl” is such a dumb name, but I promised not to in order to save each peasant the embarrassment of being associated with such trash teams. Czarko’s always looking out for the common good.

Team lawl is essentially the villain of the Czar’s league, the Ramsay Bolton if you will.  He was originally referred to as the “league terrorist” during the reign of our now Gulag-ridden dictator who’s name shall not be uttered in this document, but he has taken a less “hands-on” approach over the past couple seasons. However, he’s still an abrasive, over-the-top, raging lunatic who drafts long, incoherent league e-mails and complains about the random draft order generator due to it not being audited by a third party. Every league has THAT GUY and this is undoubtedly OUR GUY. Let’s recap his last two seasons:

  • 2014: Calls me up five minutes before the draft to inform me that he needs to go to the hospital immediately due to some sort of serious medical complication and cannot attend the draft. He sends me over an e-mailed list instructing me to draft these players in order for him no matter what. I believe the phrasing was, “I don’t care if I have eight f****** wide receivers.” I did so and lawl in fact did end up with eight f****** wide receivers and two running backs. He came in third place.
  • 2015: Missed the draft because he decided to go to Best Buy. Tried to draft on his phone, but the Wi-fi there was bad. Ended up with Dez Bryant and Andrew Luck, stopped setting his line-up by Week 3, and went 1-12. Scored 34 points against us in Week 12.

OK, so there’s a little history. Now for the draft. Lawl is well-known for his aversion to RBs so it was shocking to see him go with David Johnson in the first followed by Devonta Freeman in the second, two of the best RBs of last season. I suppose now is a really good time to mention that only two of the 11 running backs in 2014 that finished with more than 190 points in half PPR finished with more than 190 points in half PPR in 2015 (Lamar Miller and Matt Forte). Seems like a winning strategy to me. Devonta Freeman is gaining traction as a potential bust in 2016 and it’s definitely warranted.

I’ll give him some credit with a nice pick-up of Jordy Nelson in the third round whose concerns of injury after a pre-season ACL tear in 2015 are far overblown. The Packers are in for a monster offensive campaign. Not a fan of the Greg Olsen pick in the fourth as he’s far overvalued. Coming off two consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, he’s due for a step back with Kelvin Benjamin back on the field for the Panthers. Not even Tony Gonzalez, the greatest tight end of all-time, was ever able to put up three straight seasons of 1,000 yards receiving. Something to keep in mind.

You could do worse than Golden Tate in the fifth while there is no chance that Danny Woodhead even comes close to matching his 6th overall running back finish of last season. The Chargers are committed to getting Melvin Gordon more involved.

Eli Manning may be one of the league leaders in stupid faces, but there’s some value to be had there in the seventh round as he has improved in each of the last two seasons. With Rueben Randle now out of the way and ODB primed for a monster season, it could be another good one for Eli.

Lawl’s back-end of the draft was rather mixed:

  • There’s some concern to be had with Teddy Bridgewater now injured, but Diggs may be talented enough to build on his strong rookie season even with Shaun Hill at QB
  • On the other hand, it’s going to be hard for Emmanuel Sanders to survive a Trevor Siemian-led Denver Broncos squad. His peak was 2014. He’s trending down.
  • I’ve never had a thought about Rashad Jennings and still don’t.
  • No idea what to make of Corey Coleman, but there are worse 11th round picks I suppose.

With the exception of last year’s Best Buy debacle, lawl always seems to be in the playoff mix regardless of his draft and while everyone in the league wants him to fail miserably, he probably won’t. Make no mistake, lawl still has a trash team. It just happens to be less trashy than many of the other teams.

Draft Grade: B-

Predicted Finish: 4th place


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