Darren McFadden ruled out for Week 12 with anticipated high ankle sprain


DALLAS – The Dallas Cowboys have announced that oft-injured running back Darren McFadden has been ruled out for their Week 12 game with the Redskins with a high ankle sprain that he’s expected to suffer in Week 3 or 4. It’s another major blow to the career of the 28-year-old who is coming off two straight 16 game seasons and a 1,000 yard rushing campaign with the Cowboys in 2015. He is currently expected to enter the 2016 season as the back-up to rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott after undergoing elbow surgery this off-season following an “accident at home.” Despite the injury, McFadden is fully expected to be ready to return and sprain his ankle in the early parts of the 2016 season.

It’s unclear when the high ankle sprain will occur exactly, but one anonymous Cowboys official said that the best bet is Week 4 as “Darren isn’t really a big fan of the turf in San Francisco.” Neither McFadden nor Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke with the media, but the two are reportedly in disagreement of how the injury is being handled. Sources close to the Schmozone are confirming that McFadden thinks he could come back “as early as Week 10,” but Jones and the Cowboys staff want to hold him out until Week 12 for “precautionary reasons.” Both parties are in complete agreement though that the ankle sprain will occur.

It’s the first time a player has been ruled out with an anticipated injury since Percy Harvin was ruled out for the  2013 season with an “anticipated torn hip labrum” which he predictably suffered Week 1.


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