Tim Tebow to the MLB? Sign Me Up!!!


Thank the Good Lord, he has risen once again!!!!  Tim Tebow, the athlete, is back! The former Heisman Trophy winner and two-time National Champion isn’t coming back to the gridiron though, he is going chase the American dream of playing professional baseball.  And as God as his witness, Timothy will make his newest dream come true. The best part about this is that is 100% genuine. Tebow not only believes that he can play in the Majors, but that he is going to be one of the best in the game. I’d be a bad Christian if I didn’t make a bowl of popcorn and sit down to watch every second of Tebow Mania: MLB Edition.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I f***ing LOVE Tebow Mania. I think it’s hilarious, I think it’s fun, and I think it is 100% genuine from the Tebow camp. There may not be an athlete in the world who believes in himself more than Tim Tebow and I just eat that sh*t up!  Moreover, the guy is the most legendary role model of all time. He is a hard worker. He is the kind of leader that teammates will follow off of a cliff for. No one extends the hand of Christian fellowship as aggressively as Timothy Richard Tebow. This guy is waiting until marriage to lose his virginity after four years of SEC sorority girls throwing their gameday dresses at him on and off the field. Now unless you are a beleaguered Tennessee fan, a Dawg-loving Georgia fan, or a guido FSU die hard, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY!!??? Even as an Alabama alum, I love watching highlights of the Tebow-led Florida teams. Watching him run over defenders and hit passes with those terrible mechanics is just fun. There’s no other way to describe it.

Hell, his NFL career highlights are even fun to watch. Literally some of the worst football you’ll ever watch until the fourth quarter and then the guy is just pure magic. Remember he has more playoff wins than anyone drafted onto the current Cincinnati Bengals roster.

Now here are some facts: Tebow is probably not going to make it to the MLB. I don’t care if he was an All-State player in the talent rich state of Florida. This guy hasn’t seen a real pitch in 11 years and certainly nothing like what the hurlers in the Majors can throw at him. He can work out all he wants and hire all the swing and technician coaches he wants, but this guy is not going to play in the MLB. The idea of the sports media world blowing up over “Tebow to the MLB” for the next month before his live workout is just going to be pure entertainment. He is inviting all 30 teams to the workout and I’d bet more than 10 teams show up to the event. The buzz he creates throughout the sports media world even when he isn’t playing football is almost unmatched. This thing is going to be live streamed, live tweeted, and gone over for days on end by the pundits on ESPN. Skip Bayless is literally going to excrete sinful fluids all over the FOX Sports studio. He’s going to have a field day with this and that field day will be saved to my DVR. I am going to watch every minute of this process and probably laugh my rear end off for most of it, and you should do the same.  #LongLiveTebowMania



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