Never, ever, no matter what you do … celebrate too early


Celebrating pre-maturely. It’s the ultimate sin in the field of athletics. We’e seen it time and time again with the likes of DeSean Jackson and “Swaggy P” Nick Young.

Well, we have a no entrant into the “Celebrating Too Early Hall of Fame” and it’s courtesy of some youth basketball team in what appears to be Japan.

Buzzer Beater

White team thinks it all over with that made free throw. The bench mob is dancing. The inbound defense is lax. Then all of a sudden, John Elway shows up for the black team and just fires a full-court missile that banks in off the backboard. That’s dropping back into your own end zone and firing a 100-yard touchdown pass in Tecmo Bowl type of sh**. Baller’s Hoop Factory is right. They are f****** engineering missile-launching youth robots in Japan.

Seriously, how old is that kid? 11, 12 maybe? Somebody check that kid’s age. We might have a Japanese Thon Maker on our hands. That’s an unbelievable amount of distance to not only accurately throw a basketball, but to just to throw it in general. Like forget being on target. 85% of the battle is just getting that far. And yes, I’m also equally as baffled that the shot was only worth two points as evidenced by the 50-49 final. Black team -1.5 bettors, I feel your pain. Was his foot on the line? That should honestly be worth like 14 points.


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