Here’s Aldon Smith officially destroying his NFL career by rolling a joint on Periscope


Currently serving a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Oakland Raiders defensive end Aldon Smith has decided to officially destroy any prospect of a NFL career by posting a video of him rolling a joint live on Periscope.

It was posted to the Periscope account @ravenga which sounds more like a start-up on HBO’s Silicon Valley, but I digress. Now, the joint roller’s face is never actually shown during the so-called “fire session”, but Aldon Smith has appeared on video using this account before and the joint roller ended the video with some damning evidence regarding his identity:

“You’re stupid. You tripping. They don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put Aldon Smith …”

Brilliant. I mean, he ran right in to that one. D’Angelo Russell thinks Aldon Smith is an idiot. Like, if you don’t want a NFL career then that’s fine. Smoke weed. Post it on Periscope. Do what you want. However, given that he re-signed with the Raiders in April after being suspended last November, it would appear that Aldon Smith aspires to play professional football.

We were entering the home stretch too. Like, almost there. Just a couple more months until reinstatement. Say what you want about Josh Gordon, but at least he didn’t post a video of him smoking weed on the Internet. The NFL had to actually catch him via failed drug tests. He didn’t just hand deliver them the smoking gun on f***** Periscope.

Now if I’m Aldon Smith, I try to figure out someway, anyway to eschew the blame elsewhere. I’d look towards Pokemon GO. I’m not sure how you would spin that, but it seems like the hot thing to place blame on right now. Maybe say that you saw a Weedle and thought it only proper to roll him a joint. Weedle may not be believable actually, but Koffing might work. I definitely wouldn’t put it past Aldon Smith to think that virtual Pokemon on his phone were actual living creatures who might want to get high. I think I would actually buy that explanation and look the other way until he inevitably fails an official NFL drug test.

RIP Aldon Smith’s football career … again.


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