Please save DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings


It seems DeMarcus Cousins still has not gotten over how awful the Kings draft was this past June.  After Monday’s team USA practice Boogie told reporters,

“I can’t control (the draft decisions). I control what I can control. I don’t really understand it, but I do my job.”

That’s pissed off superstar speak for, “dear God, I’m surrounded by idiots.”  I would be pissed off too if I had to endure what the Kings have put Cousins through.  He is by far the most versatile center in the Association and, in my opinion, the best big man in the league. You don’t find centers who can score in the post, shoot, handle, rebound on both ends, play defense, and hit free throws like Boogie can.  His biggest issue is that he has to do it all without much help which blows.  Let’s look at some of the serious problems with Boogie’s Sacramento Kings franchise:

  • The Kings suck at drafting.

The Kings have become one of the perennial doormats in the NBA, mostly because they draft worse than the Cleveland Browns. In fact, Cousins is part of the only successful class the Kings have had in the last six years!  In 2010, Sacramento took Cousins in the first round and some guy named Hassan Whiteside in the second who never panned out for them and instead did so for the Miami Heat years later. Beyond that, Isaiah Thomas has been there only good draft pick as the last selection of the 2011 NBA Draft. Drafting in the top 10 has been a disaster since 2011 as the Kings’ resume includes Jimmer Fredette (via trade for Bismack Biyombo), Thomas Robinson, Ben McLemore, Nik Stauskas, and Willie Cauley-Stein. Its mind boggling how a team with so many high picks can keep missing on players year after year.

jimmer fredette

Jimmer Fredette (The Big Lead)

  • No one else wants to play in Sac-town which means the roster isn’t improving.

Sticking with the draft, only Cousins, McLemore, and Cauley-Stein remain on the team among players drafted by the Kings since 2010.  That means every other draft pick was either shipped out or left on their own accord because they didn’t want to play there anymore. The free agents aren’t any better.  Now that the Raiders are on the rise, the Kings are in a tight race with the Padres as the California team where “careers go to die.” Most players the Kings sign are either looking for a last chance on a short-term deal or just really aren’t good, but there’s good news. Career back-up center Kousta Koufus is no longer the third highest paid player on the team anymore as Arron Afflalo was signed this off-season!  Take a look at this roster.

None of those players, or their salaries, exactly inspire confidence in a big turnaround.

  • Have you seen the numbers from the Kings’ Las Vegas Summer League team?

Well, looks like the Kings are already in mid-season form.

What I am about to show you is a special kind of awful.  Now, Summer League may not be the end all be all for seeing how young players will do in the NBA, but holy hell this has to be the worst summer league team of all-time.  0-5 for the tournament, lost 3 of those games by at least 14 points, and rookie Skal Labissiere led the team in scoring with 11 points per game. The most effective player on this team was undrafted free agent and former Alabama guard Retin Obasohan which isn’t exactly making me shout “Roll Tide.” In fact, the highlight for this team may be that Lithuanian center Arturas Gudaitis (good luck pronouncing that one) was 6/6 in the three games he played in.

  • Boogie is stuck in Sacramento

Barring a massive blockbuster trade, Cousins is stuck in Sacramento until 2018. That’s two more seasons of suffering through 30-ish win seasons without a chance at the playoffs.  That’s two more seasons of Rudy Gay chucking up contested jumpers (unless he’s wisely traded). Two more seasons where the entire coaching staff could get fired at any instant because why not? Boogie obviously doesn’t want to be there, but they refuse to trade him. There is no good ending in Sacramento if Cousins leaves in 2018 and the team gets zero return on him. It just continues a cycle that has alienated one of the most talented young players in the NBA who won’t continue to be so young for much longer.

Long story short, Boogie is pissed and has every right to be. He has been in a bad situation for all six of his NBA seasons and there isn’t much hope for winning seasons in the near future.  Boogie just needs to keep putting up his incredible stats and hope that he can bring his talents to a winning squad in the near future. Somebody, anybody, please save DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings. Keep ballin’ Boogie, God speed.


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