CONFIRMED: Vlade Divac is playing Pokemon GO


I hinted at it in my last Pokemon GO article when I tried entering both “Divac” and “VladeDivac” as my Pokemon GO username only to find out that both variations had already been taken. Then I saw this. It doesn’t take a detective to put together the pieces of his puzzle.

image1 (11)

Vlade Divac is playing Pokemon GO. Way too coincidental. First the taken “VladeDivac” username and now the first ever NBA Pokemon Go meet-up. Vlade’s knee deep in this Pokemon GO sh**. Any doubts that Rudy Gay isn’t going to end up being traded to like the Heat for Josh McRoberts and a Machop should be erased. It’s happening. I’d even argue that it’s a good deal for the Kings. McRoberts is solid when healthy and Machop has some upside. He could evolve into Machoke.

If there’s any team that will get completely caught up in the Pokemon GO fad, it’s Vlade and the Kings. They were dead set on clearing cap space to sign Wes Matthews last off-season and traded Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson, and Carl Landry to the Sixers for nothing in order to do so. Of course, Wes Matthews signed with the Mavs. It’s sh** like this that makes me think Kosta Koufos is getting shipped off for a couple of Poke Balls and Zubat will be starting at the two next season which actually might be an upgrade over Ben McLemore.

None of this is as crazy as Kings owner Vivek Ranadive seriously proposing the idea of playing four-on-five basketball with a cherry picker so yeah … Rudy Gay for McRoberts and Machop. Make it happen, Vlade.


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