Here’s Draymond Green’s Straight Trolling Mugshot


One can only assume that his shirt says “Attack the Nuts,” but this is such a Draymond Green mugshot. I would’ve been shocked if Draymond wasn’t smiling in his mugshot to be honest.

Bottom line, he punched some scrub Michigan State cornerback in the face named Jermaine Edmondson who is a senior and has never recorded an interception in his collegiate career. I have no idea why this guy would possibly think talking sh** to Draymond Green was a good idea, but he did and Draymond socked him. Edmondson is from Canton, Ohio so one can only assume that he’s a Cavs fan and also a moron for talking sh** to one of the best NBA players to come out of Michigan State as a member of the Michigan State football team. I don’t even like Draymond Green. In fact, I find him rather annoying at this point. I wouldn’t talk sh** to him though and I definitely wouldn’t as a collegiate athlete at his alma mater.

Look at Draymond’s smile. That’s an “enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Jermaine Edmondson” smile. This incident is way more excusable than his penchant for hitting NBA players in the dick during playoff basketball games.

Of course, Draymond will be appearing in court before Judge Richard Ball. That’s Judge Dick Ball for those scoring at home. Can’t make this stuff up. I mean, I could but I’m not.

UPDATE: If this Deadspin report is accurate then Draymond is just a douchebag and apologies would be in order to Mr. Edmonson for the moron/sh**- talking comments.


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