Gilbert Arenas’ Snapchat visit to Swaggy P’s house is must-watch


I hesitate to throw around the word “must-watch.” There’s really nothing on the Internet that is must-watch. Generally, you will not die if you choose not to watch something. If you are playing on the train tracks then you “must-watch” for a train or else you will die. That’s the most “must-watch” I can think of.

This Gilbert Arenas Snapchat story. MUST-WATCH! It has it all. Makes me never even want to check my own Snapchat ever again because nothing will even be in the same stratosphere as this. (WARNING: NSFW language)

Does Gilbert Arenas go too far? Of course, but this is a guy who nearly blew a guy’s head off in the locker room. Like what is “too far” for Gilbert Arenas? His username is NoChillGil. Anybody outraged by this, what are your expectations? This is hilarious. I love it. I’ll even let the extremely insensitive O.J. joke slide. My personal favorite line?

“You have a basketball court in your backyard … and you still can’t get no motherf****** playing time?”

Then he threw Swaggy’s kid scooter and I lost it. Gilbert is savage. Swaggy needs to set up an in-home security system. These two should have a SnapChat reality show.



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