Throwback Thursday: Karl Malone and DDP vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman


The NWO was formed exactly 20 years ago today. It changed the wrestling world forever in ways that I couldn’t quite comprehend as a six-year-old. All I really knew is that I was supposed to hate the NWO so I did. I still vividly remember going to a WCW Monday Nitro at the United Center in second grade in which Lex Luger was all set to take the heavyweight title from Hollywood Hulk Hogan until Hulk cheated with the help of his NWO friends and retained the title.

I cried all the way home and then wrote about it in my journal the next day at school.

One of my other vivid memories of the NWO was in 1998 at Bash at the Beach when Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page teamed up to take on Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman who had become a member of the NWO.

Wrestling was so great. I never thought I’d appreciate the NWO as much as I do today. NWO 4 Life.


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