Who wore it better? Guy in full Michael Jordan uniform playing pick-up or guy in full Shaq uniform at the bank?


You may have seen the video by now of a middle-aged man playing pick-up basketball in a full Michael Jordan uniform. If you haven’t then, behold greatness:

Bonus points for the “NBA Finals” patch. Arm band. Leg wrap. Jersey tucked in. This guy’s got the look down.

My personal theory on the selection of pick-up attire? This guy is honoring the 14th anniversary of the cinematic classic, “Like Mike” (released July 3, 2002) starring Lil’ Bow Wow alongside NBA greats such as Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Desmond Mason.

Did MJ pick-up guy wear it better though than one-time “Schmo of the Week”¬†Shaq bank guy?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Shaq bank guy has cemented himself in the annals of full uniform wearing history. Is he trying to rob the bank? Is this his disguise? If so, did it work? Have bank robbers been doing it all wrong the entire time? Would one have more success wearing say a full Matt Geiger uniform? All valid questions.


What I really want to see is MJ pick-up guy take on Shaq bank guy one-on-one. Broadcast it on ESPN. I’d DVR this.¬†After that, I want to see both of them try to rob a bank wearing their selected attire. Broadcast that on ESPN too. Guy who walks away with more money/doesn’t get shot and/or arrested wins.

There should be an entire reality series of these guys just doing things in their uniforms. Call it “Bald, Middle-Aged Black Men Do Things in Full NBA Uniforms.” Long title, but riveting. It could be like an Olympics of sorts. Just two schmos doing random s*** in their NBA uniforms. Primetime television. When there is a SchmoTV (and there will be a SchmoTV), this will be the first series. Mark my words.

Note: Please don’t mark my words.


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