LeBron won a NBA championship for Cleveland so let’s make fun of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith


It’s so much fun to make fun of all the inanely idiotic predictions and assertions that occur on ESPN First Take every morning so let’s do that right now. Here’s that time Skip Bayless said that Johnny Football would be bigger in Cleveland than LeBron ever was.

Stephen A. Smith will not be outdone though.

Ah, f*** it. This s*** is like Pringles. Just can’t stop. Here are some more non-Tebow related Skip predictions.

Great news for the Browns.

Cleveland’s got a title now thanks to LeBron and the Cavs, the Indians are sitting in first place in the AL Central and playing great baseball, and the Browns … well they’re still super f*****. There’s no surviving Skip Bayless predictions.

Tune in tomorrow morning when Skip and Stephen A. Smith debate whethe or not the world will explode.


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