Watch professional baseball player Terrance Gore hit a home run on a bunt


Kansas City Royals minor leaguer Terrance Gore, who is stupid fast, is playing for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals of the Double-A Texas League which is supposedly professional baseball. Here’s what happened when Gore laid down a bunt in a game.

Northwest Arkansas Naturals‬ OF Terrance Gore bunts himself his own run scored.

I don’t know what the official ruling on that was. Sacrifice and E-1. Base hit and a bunch of errors. Don’t know. Don’t care enough to look. That’s a two-run shot in my book. If you put the ball in play and then manage to run all the way around the bases without getting out then that’s a home run. I once hit a grand slam in fifth grade that went through the second baseman’s legs. My only grand slam ever. Nobody can ever take that away from me.

As for Gore, I took a look at his MILB stats page and it reads something like this: 1,358 career at-bats in professional baseball, zero home runs. No, this is not right. He has one. This is how guys like Terrance Gore hit home runs. This should count. Somebody start a GoFundMe to get Terrance Gore a home run.

Also that other team, whoever they are, is terrible at baseball. Just putrid. That looked like Jon Lester trying to throw to first.


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