Ultimate Throwback Thursday: Bobby Valentine gets ejected, returns in disguise


June 9, 1999

One of the all-time great moments in the history of baseball happened 17 years ago today. New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine got ejected arguing a catcher interference call on Mike Piazza in the 12th inning and then returned to the dugout wearing a fake mustache and sunglasses.

Bobby Valentine ended up getting suspended two games and fined $5,000 for doing this, but it was so worth it. It’s the most legendary thing I can ever recall a MLB manager doing. We’ve seen kicking dirt, stealing bases, throwing hats, but we hadn’t ever seen this brilliance and we never will again. What I really want to know is where Valentine got the fake mustache. You could have probably found a lot of strange things just lying around a baseball clubhouse in the late ’90s, but a fake mustache doesn’t top the list. He must have had this planned all along. The only possible explanation is that he bought a fake mustache in anticipation of his next ejection and this was the time to use it. Legendary.

His return to the dugout sparked a Mets 4-3 win in the bottom of the 14th on a Rey Ordonez single. Pat Mahomes got the win. Anybody out there remember Pat Mahomes? Played 11 seasons in the MLB. 5.47 career ERA. Had a complete fluke season for the Mets in 1999 in which he went 8-0 with a 3.68 ERA out of the pen and helped get them to the playoffs. Fantastic random ’90s baseball player. His son, Patrick Mahomes Jr., is the quarterback for Texas Tech now. The more you know.


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