The Informer’s 2016 NBA Finals Mailbag


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Informer’s 2016 NBA Finals mailbag. As always, please keep in mind that at least one of these questions might have come from an actual reader.

Q: Dear Informer, let’s get right to the question on everyone’s mind: Who is the best NBA player on the planet, LeBron or Steph? 

LeBron James is the best all-around basketball player on the planet –period.

Listen, just because we as a society are bored of watching a guy put up 27-7-7 every single game for the past 13 seasons does not mean said guy is not still the king. Don’t get me wrong, Steph is a freaking alien when it comes to shooting a basketball, but if it comes down to who I am taking to start a team the answer is LeBron.

Q: Fine Informer, if you want to slob all over LeBron that is your choice, but even you have to admit that there is nothing better in sports right now than watching Steph Curry get hot during a game. 

Oh that is absolutely no sh*t.

Honestly, I would rank Steph getting hot right up there with Barry Sanders running a football, Randy Moss catching a football, Michael Vick when healthy, Bo JacksonTommie Frazier, Ken Griffey Jr. playing baseball, Macho Man Randy Savage doing backstage interviews during the cocaine era, Kobe Bryant when he goes into “Mamba Mode” and Dominique Moceanu doing gymnastics; as The Informer’s favorite things to watch in sports history.

Q: Hey Informer, can you give the people some fun facts, stats and useless information about the 2016 NBA Finals? 

If the people want some fun facts, stats and useless information about the 2016 NBA Finals; then by Gawd that means The Informer has no choice but to give the people some fun facts, stats and useless information about the 2016 NBA Finals.

Here goes.

  • Steph Curry has the chance to join Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal as the only players in the past 40 years to win the scoring title, the MVP and an NBA Championship in the same season.
  • This is James Jones sixth straight NBA Finals appearance. That is the most by any reserve NBA player who did not play for the 1960s Boston Celtics.
  • This is LeBron James’ seventh NBA Finals appearance. He currently has a 2-4 record. The good news for LeBron is that no matter how this Finals turns out (aka if he loses again) he does not have the worst finals record in NBA history. Nope, that honor belongs to Elgin Baylor who went an amazing 0-8 in the NBA Finals.
  • Sticking with crappy Finals records, even if LeBron goes to 2-5 he will still not even have the worst Finals record of people in this series. That goes to Jerry West, the current GM for the Warriors, who finished his NBA career 1-7 in the NBA Finals.
  • The Golden State Warriors are trying to become just the 10th team in NBA history to win back to back NBA Championships. For those wondering the other teams to accomplish this feat were: Lebron’s Heat, the Kobe-Pau Lakers, the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, Jordan’s Bulls, the “Bad Boy” Pistons, Magic’s Lakers, Hakeem’s Rockets, the 1960s Boston Celtics and the 1950s Minneapolis Lakers.
  • Finally, every NBA team that has finished with at least 70 wins has went on to win the NBA Championship.

Q: Will you be watching Space Jam 2?

Did Jesse Spano almost overdose on caffeine pills during a very serious episode of Saved by the Bell? Did Jenny give Forrest Gump the HIV? Is Happy Gilmore the greatest Subway spokesperson ever? In other words, of course I will be watching Space Jame 2. I just hope they get Jordan to provide a late game cameo where he comes in and saves the day the way Bill Murray did in the original Space Jam.

Q: Is Draymond Green going to be allowed to kick people in the dick in this series? Or do you think the NBA is finally going to make him play by the rules?

Hmmm . . . Sounds like a disgruntled, overweight and very drunk Oklahoma City fan (pointing at myself) wrote that question.

Q: Informer you are always saying the team with the two best players wins the series. Well, which team has the two best players? Is it LeBron-Kyrie or Steph-Klay?

Considering Steph Curry is the best point guard in the world, and Klay Thompson is the best shooting guard in the world, that technically means Steph-Klay is greater than LeBron-Kyrie (since Kyrie is a guard and all). With that said, the X-factor for this series is going to come down to whether or not Kevin Love plays like a Top 15 player. If he does that he will give Cleveland 3 of the 5 best players on the floor which could give them a chance.

Q: What are The Informer’s boldest predictions for the 2016 NBA Finals?

  • I predict that Steph Curry averages 35+ points per game.
  • I predict Klay Thompson will make over 3.5 3-pointers in at least four games (gamble accordingly).
  • I predict LeBron will have two triple doubles.
  • I predict Kevin Love is going to average 20 points & 15 rebounds.
  • Finally, I predict either Steph, Klay or LeBron will become the sixth player in NBA history — and the first since Jordan did it during the 1993 NBA Finals — to score 50 points in an NBA Finals game.

Q: Last question: Who is going to win the 2016 NBA Finals?

I am rooting for King James, but at the end of the day I do not see the 73-win Warriors losing four out of seven tries. Especially when the 73-win team has four home games, Klay Thompson and Steph freaking Curry.

Give me the Warriors in 6.


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