God bless this Twins Prospect Using Pablo Sanchez’ Walk-Up Music


Stop the presses! There’s a new favorite Schmozone baseball prospect and his name is Daniel Palka.


Using the Pablo Sanchez theme from Backyard Baseball as your walk-up music is about as legendary as it gets. It says that Palka is only hitting .263 with seven home runs this season for the Chattanooga Lookouts of the Southern League, but that has to be a typo. You walk-up with this music and you shouldn’t even be pitched to. Just put up all four. His stats should have infiniti signs in the BB and OBP columns. I mean, Look at this s***!

I can’t imagine anything¬†striking more fear into the heart of an opponent than the Pablo Sanchez theme. You could literally be injecting yourself with steroids in between pitches at the plate and I still wouldn’t fear you as much as that guy who uses the Pablo Sanchez theme as his walk-up music. I’d go as far to propose that baseball should look into this as a possible violation¬†of the league’s PED policy.

If anybody in the Twins organization is reading this, it is time to call Daniel Palka up to the majors. Has to be done. He’s probably better than most of the players on your team anyways without the power of the GOAT’s theme music.


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