Throwback Thursday: That classic Yankees-Orioles brawl in 1998


Rougned Odor may have you thinking differently, but they don’t do baseball brawls quite like they used to. This Yankees-Orioles brawl 18 years ago today in 1998 was an especially good one that saw Armando Benitez drill Tino Martinez in the back and then start flailing away at some Yankees with absolutely no regard for humanity — or boxing fundamentals — as he skipped his way back into the dugout.

Great stuff here. Lots of dugout action. A fake tough guy in Benitez who should have clearly thought about his inability to fight before intentionally drilling Martinez, dropping his glove, and exchanging words with a crazy motherf****** like Darryl Strawberry. We’ve got two bullpen assassins in Graeme Lloyd and Jeff Nelson storming on in for a sneak attack on Benitez which sparked the whole fracas. We’ve got Harold Baines being tackled.

The highlight is at the six-minute mark though. Strawberry sneaks around the pack and attempts to land a haymaker on Benitez that would’ve have likely ended his life. A Little Mac star punch if you will:

Speaking of King Hippo, how about rookie Sidney Ponson? Remember that guy? One of three players in MLB history from Aruba. Two DUI arrests within eight months. Assaulted an Aruban judge. Career ERA of 5.03. Looked like Herc from The Wire.

Have to wonder what that guy’s doing now. Probably kicking it in Aruba with the $23.3 million he was paid during his MLB career. $23.3 millions to post a career ERA above 5. Only in the MLB.


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