Of course Ozzie Guillen interviewed to be the White Sox manager blackout drunk


Big day for talking about baseball people doing drunk baseball stuff. ESPN has launched this “Story Time with Ozzie Guillen” feature accompanied by some rather interesting cartoon videos and last week he told the story about when he and Joey Cora played 2-on-1 against Michael Jordan. As for this week, it was time to talk about when he interviewed for the White Sox manager position blackout drunk which should come as a surprise to nobody.

I highly recommend clicking the link above so you can listen to Ozzie tell it in “Ozzie Guillen” English, but here are the highlights:

  • Ozzie was celebrating the Florida Marlins 2003 World Series championship the night before his interview.
  • Ozzie dreams about Jennifer Lopez every night, but will “never be with her.”
  • Ozzie was the “father figure” of the group.
  • Ozzie drank “a little bit” and overslept. He didn’t want to go to his interview, but his wife made him.
  • Miserable Ozzie flew to Chicago and hopped in a town car. He fell asleep and woke up at some restaurant in Naperville which was where the interview was.
  • Ozzie can’t recall what type of restaurant it was nor any of the questions asked during the interview. He only remembers when he landed back in Miami.
  • Ozzie’s wife was very disappointed that Ozzie didn’t remember anything during the interview

In 2005, Ozzie Guillen led the White Sox to their first World Series title since 1917.

This is a big step towards the advancement of showing up to your job interview blackout drunk.


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