The garbage Braves just won their second home game of the season and it’s May 12


Break up the Braves! Williams (yes, there’s an “s” at the end) Perez and the Atlanta Braves secured their second home victory of the season at Turner Field on Wednesday night against the Phillies with a dominant 5-1 victory.

The triumph brought the Braves home record to an unfathomable 2-16 and they are now currently tied with the Red Sox — an American League team — in wins at Turner Field this season. It’s a race to keep an eye on as the season makes it’s way into June. Will the Braves win more games at Turner Field than the Red Sox?

As it stands, three teams (the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, and the Mets) have more wins (3) than the Braves do at Turner Field this season.

Now the team to watch here is the Mets. They still have seven more games against at Turner Field this season so they could potentially win 10 games at Turner Field this season. The Braves are currently on a nine-win pace at Turner Field which means …

I have no stats to support this, but it’s hard to imagine that something like this has ever happened in which a visiting team has won more games in a season at a team’s home park than that respective home team. Even the 43-win 2003 Detroit Tigers managed to scratch out 23 home wins and were on a better home win pace (three wins in their first 18 games) than the Braves.

In conclusion, the Braves are very garbage and just recently sent their clean-up hitter (Adonis Garcia) down to the minors. Mets’ pitcher Noah Syndergaard would be second on the team with two home runs.


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