Sam Bradford’s bone-headed agent called playing for the Eagles “the next best option”


Sam Bradford just ended his Mahatma Gandhi-like two-week holdout from Eagles’ off-season activities on Monday. It was a very, very stupid holdout.

The last time we checked in with Bradford’s bone-headed agent, Tom Condon, the hooligan was asking the Eagles for $25 million per year for the pleasure of having Sam Bradford quarterback their team. To his credit, it appears that his high-ball strategy may have worked as Bradford got a two-year, $36 million contract this off-season from the Eagles.

It’s been about four months since that and yup, Condon is still a bone-head. Condon went on the Rich Eisen Show and well … here’s what he had to say per

“We thought we had a chance to go to a really good team and be there for a long time,” Condon explained. “And that opportunity was there and actually the attempt was made. When the Broncos contacted the Eagles and talked about the trade, they couldn’t agree on the price and so they drafted somebody in the first round (Paxton Lynch). … So our next best option is to go back and prepare for the season.”

You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me. You don’t admit this! You just give the obligatory Sam’s happy to be in Philly, he’s focused on having a good season, he is momentarily healthy, blah, blah, blah.


Eagles … your starting quarterback’s agent — the man who represents him — said this. On the radio. And presumably did so willingly without any threat to his life. How is Philly going to start this guy next season? Forget the fact that he’s hot garbage, threw as many touchdowns as Brian Hoyer last season, had the same QB rating as Blaine Gabbert, and has a 35% chance of suffering a career-altering injury while tying his shoes. THE GUY DOESN’T EVEN WANT TO PLAY FOR YOU!

Yes, it was probably already obvious before when he threw a temper tantrum over the Eagles drafting Carson Wentz and decided to hold-out for two weeks. You could have at least made the case though that Sam had come to his senses and is now ready to quarterback the Eagles to the best of his abilities in 2016. It was possible.

Not now. This is the f*cking dagger. I mean, what do you do with this sh*t? The Eagles have a quarterback mess on their hands and their next best option is to not have the guy they are paying $26 million GUARANTEED under center in 2016.


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