The “Aaron Rowand Catch” happened a decade ago … seriously


I often say “I can’t believe {insert sports moment} happened so long ago.” This is for real this time though. I CANNOT BELIEVE that the “Aaron Rowand Catch” happened a decade ago today. I’m talking about the one in which he broke his nose running into the centerfield chain-link fence wall at Citizens’ Bank Park of course. As a White Sox fan who just witnessed the team’s first World Series since 1917, trading Aaron Rowand to the Phillies following the 2005 season for Jim Thome was a very unpopular decision and this play only exacerbated the unpopularity of it. This was Aaron Rowand in a nutshell. He was the type of guy who would run into a chain-link fence and destroy his face trying to catch a fly ball in May. He looked like Little Mac after going a couple rounds with Soda Popinski in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out afterwards. That was just the type of player Aaron Rowand was. Aaron Rowand was basically a mediocre offensive player during his career. .273 career average. .765 career OPS. Had a little pop. Only one All-Star appearance with the Phillies in 2007. Really only had two good offensive seasons in his 11-year career. I still don’t think White Sox fans forgive Kenny Williams for trading him though. If you ask a lot of Sox fans why this team has only gone to the playoffs one time since 2005, “trading Aaron Rowand” may be at the top of the list. He was beloved in Chicago and this catch was a culmination of why he was so beloved. It so cliche to say, but it’s so true … that dude was a gritty motherf*cker. Ten years. Goddamnit.


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