Bryce Harper will probably be suspended for this, but who cares


Bryce Harper wants baseball to be fun again. He’s on a mission. Here’s Harper being ejected from the dugout during the Tigers – Nationals game Monday night:

And here is the slow motion footage of him coming back on the field after Clint Robinson hit a walk-off home run:


Harper will be blasted for being unprofessional, but honestly f*ck umpires. Sure, Harper was probably chirping from the dugout — among other Nationals player presumably — but I’ll bet home plate umpire Brian Knight decided to single out Harper and toss him in a TIE GAME in the EIGHTH INNING just to swing his big ‘ol umpire d*ck on national TV.

What Harper should’ve done is return to the field in a disguise like former Mets manager Bobby Valentine and then start yelling expletives at Knight. That would’ve really made baseball fun again.

Regardless, I’m on Team Harper. I think he should be able to call his own balls and strikes. #MakeBaseballFunAgain.


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