ZPG: Top 8 things going on when Jaromir Jagr made his NHL debut


On October 5, 1990, Turkatron wasn’t born yet but Jaromir Jagr’s epic mullet flowed through the air for the very first time on NHL ice. In honor of the one-year contract extension the 44-year old Jagr signed on Thursday, here are eight things that were going on when Jagr debuted.

1) Season 2 of The Simpsons was just about to begin. Can we get Vegas odds on what ends first — Jagr’s career or The Simpsons

2) This was the #1 song in the U.S.


3) But “Ice Ice Baby” changed the music world forever two months before.

4) Kindergarten Cop took the world by storm two months after Jagr’s debut — perhaps one of the greatest acting performances of all time?

5) Marked for Death hit box offices.

6) Sega Game Gear was released just one day after Jagr’s debut

7) But Super Mario World rocked the gaming world a month later and we’re still shaking…

8) And finally, Morgan Freeman still looked the same…

Here’s to another 26 seasons, Jagr!


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