We The North


Well damn. We the North represent.

Bounce that shit like woah 🏀

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First things first, shout out to the Asian dude on the left behind the beer cup. Straight gawking, just in complete utter shock. Looks like he just saw Kyle Lowry make a jump shot. Don’t hide it young fella. No shame.

Now, I know what everyone will say. “Oh, you’re giving these girls exactly what they want by writing this.” Damn, right I’m giving them what they want. When you want something, you go out and f****** grab it. That’s what you do. Nothing says “I want attention more” than going to a NBA Playoff game dressed like this with your tits hanging out. I don’t care what you look like/how much make-up you put on/how many breast enhancements you had … it takes major courage to show up to a NBA playoff game dressed like this while everyone else is wearing vintage T-Mac jerseys or turbans (shout out to Raptors turban guy). Well done, girls. You deserve it.

And by the way, this is all on Drake. These girls know Drake’s in the house chirping away at the Heat players courtside. These girls aren’t showing up to this game if Snow is the Raptors representative Canadian rapper sitting courtside.


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