[VIDEO] The Schmo and company infiltrated Wrigley Field last Saturday


Saturday was a good day. I paid a visit to Wrigley Field with The Schmo and our cohort, ShakenBake, to accompany Schmo on his lifelong dream of touching the ivy on the outfield wall. With the game having been rained out, the three of us managed to sneak past stifling security and onto the field by simply opening the gate and walking onto the field. We touched the ivy. We sat in the dugout. Schmo made a call on the bullpen phone. I even drank from the same water fountain that Cubs greats like Sammy Sosa, Mark Grace, Kerry Wood, and Jeff Blauser once drank from.

This was all after infiltrating the post-rainout press conference of the ultimate Schmo manager in baseball, Joe Maddon, who fielded questions from reporters and talked about the “crazy suit day” the Cubs were having on Sunday. The Schmo has convinced himself that Maddon got the idea from the turtleneck and sport coat that Schmo was donning. I’m inclined to believe that the idea had already been in place, but who am I to fight the power that is The Schmo and his rather unique dress attire.

All in all, good day. Let’s do it again sometime. Thanks to everyone out there who made this happen including Wrigley Field staff who just let us walk onto the field with a camera and start filming stuff on the warning track. Much appreciated.

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