Mark Buehrle threw a no-hitter nine years ago today


Can’t believe it’s been this long since Mark Buehrle threw his first no-hitter in 2007 against the Texas Rangers. I remember watching this like it was yesterday. I can even tell you the final out off the top of my head: Gerald Laird ground ball to CREDEEEEEEE YESSSSSSSS!

The only base runner for the Rangers in this game was a still black Sammy Sosa who you probably forgot finished his career with the Rangers and he managed to get picked off shortly after being walked.

This no-hitter was actually a big deal at the time because this was one of the first of what you would consider to be the post-steroid era. While no-hitters seem to be a dime a dozen in today’s game, there had actually been only four other non-combined no-hitters between Buehrle’s in 2007 and the legendary Bud Smith’s in September of 2001 (Derek Lowe in 2002, Kevin Millwood in 2003, Randy Johnson in 2004, and Anibal Sanchez in 2006).

The great thing about Buehrle was that he didn’t feature your typical no-hit stuff. He was a pitch to contact, soft tossing lefty that could get through a game in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Yet he’s got two career no-hitters, the other of which was his extraordinary perfect game against the Rays in 2009.

There will never be another Mark Buehrle.


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