Carson Wentz is saved; Browns won’t draft a quarterback


The Rams appear to be taking quarterback Jared Goff out of Cal with the number one overall pick so that leaves Carson Wentz as the top quarterback on the board for those other teams so inclined to draft a quarterback. One of those teams was thought to be the Cleveland Browns which was very bad news for Wentz as there is of course no worse fate for a quarterback than being drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are that guy in your fantasy league who just always drafts the worst team no matter what. Every league has one of these guys. Basically, all of this guy’s players might as well just jump in front of a train. The season is over for them. They’re either going to get hurt or they’re going to suck. This is what appeared to be the case for Wentz.

However, Carson Wentz is now saved as the Browns are not drafting a quarterback:

Wentz can now proceed with the rest of his pre-draft festivities knowing that he might be a somewhat useful quarterback in the NFL.

I honestly felt awful for Carson Wentz when the Rams made that trade with the Titans and made it clear that they were probably taking Goff with the one. Devastated for the kid. I thought he was going to the Browns and he probably did too. Being drafted by the Browns is obviously a NFL death sentence for a quarterback and will continue to be that way forever. This will never change.

For all those prop NFL Draft bettors, this does eliminate the possibility of Wentz lighting himself on fire after hearing his name called by Roger Goodell as the crowd watches in horror. I wouldn’t rule out that possibility for any player drafted by the Browns, but the odds of it being a non-quarterback are slim to none. Not good news for anybody who took the plus money on a player lighting himself on fire during the draft like a Tibetan monk protesting Chinese occupation of their region.

Meanwhile, RG3 playing quarterback for the Browns in 2016 is going to be hysterical.


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  • WrongVerb

    Personally, I never believe anything any team says in the month leading up to the draft. It’s all smokescreen.

  • WrongVerb

    Personally, I never believe anything any team says in the month leading up to the draft. It’s all smokescreen.