Can we just skip the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs?


We all knew that the first round of the Western Conference playoffs wasn’t going to be the most competitive, but an average margin of victory of 29 points for the top four teams isn’t just not competitive. The days of this happening in the first round are long gone:

The Grizzlies and the Mavericks both lost to the Spurs and the Thunder respectively by 30+ points and barely cracked 70. The Rockets may have been the biggest joke of the opening round as the Warriors didn’t even play that well and still won by 26. It also featured Dwight Howard having the game of a lifetime:

And then there was the Blazers-Clippers game in which the Blazers lost a nailbiter 115-95 and were executing some “Hack-a-Jordan” down 18 with four minutes left in the game. At least it gave us this Chris Kaman-DeAndre Jordan exchange:

Yes, Chris Kaman is still on a NBA team and yes, he was the most interesting aspect of this game in the fourth quarter. It was a fitting conclusion to the first four games of the Western Conference playoffs.

What should be done? Just send the bottom four Western Conference team to Maui and tell them they are playing in an exclusive NBA tournament called the “Maui Invitational.” The winner gets all the other three teams draft picks this June. Sounds like a good solution to me.

While the Eastern Conference is trying to figure out which team will lose to the Cavs in the Eastern Confeence finals, have the remaining Western Conference teams play an unprecedented 14 game series. Warriors v. Clippers and Thunder v. Spurs in a best of 14 would really be something.


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