D.J. Mbenga showed up at Kobe’s farewell ceremony and stole the show


My thoughts on the greatness of two-time NBA champion center D.J. Mbenga can’t quite be summed up into articulate words, but what you need to know is that D.J. Mbenga showed up to Kobe’s farewell ceremony dressed to the nines and completely stole the show.

Every other ex-Kobe teammate in attendance had their quick five to ten second embrace with “The Black Mamba” during his post-game ceremony and then came Mbenga who just gave Kobe a big bear hug and spoke to him for what seemed like 30 seconds. Mbenga could probably have given him an hour lecture and Kobe would have taken it because when D.J. Mbenga wants to talk to you, you listen. Even Kobe listens.

This made my night honestly. Forget Kobe’s 60. D.J Mbenga was in the building and dressed like the biggest pimp in Los Angeles. Mbenga knows karate, knows how to say “tacos,” knows how to speak five languages and knows how to dress. There are few who can get away with wearing sunglasses at night. Corey Hart and D.J. Mbenga are two of those people.

Mbenga’s NBA career was highlighted by one spectacular night on March 6, 2009. Legend has it that on this night, D.J. Mbenga took over the NBA. In fact, there’s video evidence to prove it:

“Congo Cash, baby” — Kobe Bryant on D.J. Mbenga

The NBA¬†should have forced the Jazz to come back onto the court after the ceremony so Mbenga could have had his overdue farewell game. …and let him score 60 too.


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