Was an impostor Smush Parker bashing Kobe Bryant on Twitter during his farewell game?


Somebody call Cam Jansen because we’ve got a good, old-fashioned basketball mystery on our hands! Smush Parker, the former Lakers teammate/arch-nemesis of Kobe Bryant and subject of Kobe’s all-time greatest quote, seemingly resurfaced last night on Twitter during Kobe’s farewell game against the Utah Jazz. You may have heard that Kobe Bryant played his last NBA basketball game last night and dropped 60 points in what was an improbable Lakers comeback victory. If you didn’t, then here you go:

Now for the important stuff. Let’s backtrack a little. Smush Parker started all but two games at point guard for the Lakers from 2005-2007 and will forever go down in basketball lore as the guy Kobe called, “the worst.”

“Smush Parker was the worst. He shouldn’t have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. … I was shooting 45 times a game [in 2007]. What was I supposed to do? Pass it into Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown?”

Outside of maybe punching a kid in the face and saying that Kobe told him “not to talk to him”
at practice, we haven’t heard too much over the last decade or so from Smush.


Don’t think that phrase really applies here, but a person thought to be Smush Parker took to Twitter to bash Kobe during his farewell game.

So this was absolutely hilarious and like most people, I believed this to be the actual Smush Parker since this account had some past tweets and wasn’t created like two minutes ago. However, we may have a Smushposter on our hands according to TMZ Sports:

“Here’s the twist … we reached out to Smush, and he’s adamant the account is NOT his … telling us, “Its definitely not mines. I would love to have that account deactivated.”

OK, so that makes some sense since this account doesn’t have a verification symbol nor seemingly enough followers (just over 1,000) for a pro athlete, even Smush Parker. It’s almost definitely a Smushposter especially when you consider tweets like this:

What baffles me though is that this account was created in 2009! For seven years, somebody has been posing as Smush Parker on Twitter and nobody even realized it besides Smush Parker! SEVEN YEARS! That just seems incredible to me. You know fake Smush Parker has just been waiting for Kobe’s last game to come for all this time just so he could unleash the fake wrath of Smush Parker on him.

We need a detective on the case of the Smushposter. Get his on 20/20 or Foresnic Files. I want to know who’s behind it and give them a medal of honor for their seven-year dedication of pretending to be Smush Parker. American hero.


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