The Padres are the saddest franchise in baseball and may never score


The San Diego Padres have come slugging out of the gate this MLB season to the tune of zero runs in 27 innings and were outscored 25-0 against the Dodgers in their first three games. Those zero runs in 27 innings is actually the longest a team has gone without scoring to open a season in MLB history, breaking the longstanding mark set by the 1943 St. Louis Browns (of course, it’s the Browns) who went 26 innings before mustering up the courage to bring home their first run of the season.

The good news for the Padres is that the hapless St. Louis Browns won their only American League pennant just a year later in 1944. The bad news is that their World Series appearance is largely regarded as a fluke because many Major League stars were drafted into World War II. Basically, the Padres have a chance next season if World War III breaks out next year.

As for their three game opening series against the Dodgers, the Padres got shut out by Clayton Kershaw and lost 15-0 on Opening Day. That’s excusable…Kershaw can be pretty good. Less excusable is getting shutout by Scott Kazmir the following game. Even less excusable is getting shutout by 27-year-old Japanese rookie Kenta Maeda and allowing him to become the first Dodgers pitcher to hit a home run in his MLB debut since 1900.

New Padres manager Andy Green offered some encouraging words though after the series:

“There is still perspective here not to be lost. We do have 159 games left. We will score runs this year, and we will win series this year.”

YOU HEAR THAT WORLD! The Padres WILL score runs this year. Not just a run, but RUNS. PLURAL! You heard it from the Padres manager first. The PADRES WILL NOT be shutout for the next six months.

While this offensive futility to open season is a rather rare occurrence, it’s not too unexpected for a Padres franchise that has literally accomplished nothing in their 46 years of existence.

  • They’ve never won a World Series, although they have been to two of them (1998 and 1984).
  • They are the only Major League franchise to never have thrown a no-hitter; there have been 294 of them in MLB history.
  • They finally had a hitter hit for the cycle on August 14 of last year when Matt Kemp accomplished the feat. Former Arizona Diamondbacks great Aaron Hill has hit for more cycles in a span of two weeks (June 18 and June 29 of 2012) than the Padres have hit for in 46+ years of baseball.


Without the legacy of the late, great Tony Gwynn, great weather, and Petco Park, the Padres would legitimately have nothing. Well, nothing except for this 27-inning scoreless streak. If the Padres can’t figure out a way to score in their next series in Coors Field then they should just cancel the season.


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