BREAKING: Vlade Divac finalizing MULTI-YEAR extension with Kings


A Vlade Divac extension is happening everyone. Basketball legend and international humanitarian Vlade Divac is the Sacramento Kings VP of basketball operations and has been running things in the front office over the past season and half. It now appears that Vlade Divac will continue to be running things as ESPN is reporting that THE Vlade Divac, my hero, adopted namesake, and vice president of my mere existence, is finalizing a multi-year extension with the Kings. This could all go down as early as Wednesday.


It may not seem like the Kings had too successful of a season because they didn’t, but if they manage to win one of their final eight games then they will secure their first 30-win season since 2007-2008! Also, DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t killed George Karl yet so there’s that too.

Among Vlade’s front office highlights are trading 8th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, a future top-10 protected first round pick, and the right to swap two future first round picks to the 76ers for basically nothing in order to clear cap space to sign Wesley Matthews who ended up signing with the Mavericks and interrupting a “players only” team meeting to ask them all if George Karl should be fired.

Regardless, March 30, 2016 will forever go down as “National Vlade Divac Extension Day” and it should be celebrated every year as such with excessive flopping, chain smoking, black panther ink, and sexy Vlade Divac pictures.

Here’s to back-to-back 30 win seasons!


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